Oak Wilt Diagnosis & Treatment

We perform all procedures with regard to oak wilt control. Trenching, microinjection, and macro-infusion with Alamo® are all available either for prophylactic or therapeutic treatment. Treatment methods will depend on your particular situation. Some treatments may not be feasible on your property. Duncan Brooks is available for consultation to discuss treatment options. Please visit for more information.


We perform all types of tree removals from hazardous to aesthetic with safety as our top priority. Each job will begin with a risk assessment prior to removal to protect both the property and crew. We offer stump grinding if the client so desires.

Basic Organic Program

Our Basic Organic Program (BOP) is another fertilization option which is applied to the soil. It addresses the needs of a tree on a physical, biological, and chemical level. The first step of the BOP includes aeration to improve water penetration and increase oxygen availability in the soil. Five organic soil amendments are then applied to the soil surface.

Sick Tree Treatment

The Sick Tree Treatment is an exaggerated version of the basic organic program. The amendments used are the same as the BOP but are applied at a much higher rate. The soil amendments provide everything the stressed tree needs to re-cooperate from damage such as construction.


Our staff of consulting arborists provides expertise pertinent to central Texas trees. We have over 23 years experience and two certified arborists on staff. We offer disease diagnosis, construction consultation, hazard tree evaluation, and evaluation of overall health of trees to make recommendations accordingly. In additional to private homes and properties, Duncan Brooks maintains trees at major universities and companies across the region. We work in conjunction with the Texas Forest Service and also county extension agents to identify and address potential problems in this area.

Our staff attends conferences held by the International Society of Arboriculture, the Texas Forest Service and other professional organizations to continue our education and stay on the leading edge of technology and research. These conferences allow us to network with other professionals from across the state and nation to discuss important issues relevant to the field of arboriculture.


Cabling and bracing hardware can be installed to reduce the risk of limb failure. If cabling is recommended during a consultation, we can provide an estimate for installation. All cable installations comply with (ANSI) A-300 guidelines.


Duncan Brooks and his crew prune to the International Society of Arboriculture standards. These standards were established by leaders in the industry with the health of trees in mind. These guidelines address issues such as proper cuts and avoiding over-pruning. These are two of the most common mistakes made while pruning trees. Also, we recognize that the pruning needs will vary according to tree age, species, health, and location with regard to buildings and power lines. Duncan Brooks and his team evaluate each job individually to determine what pruning steps are necessary.

Pruning objectives may include: Removal of deadwood, mistletoe, provide clearance where needed, reduce the risk of failure, increase sunlight to grass where needed, or improve view, structure or aesthetic qualities of a tree.

Preventative steps are taken to inhibit the spread of diseases such as oak wilt. All pruning equipment is disinfected between job sites, and pruning paint is used on oak trees to prevent Nitidulidae beetle contact with exposed live tissue.

Safety is an integral part of our pruning procedures. Our climbers utilize top quality saddles, climbing ropes and all the essential safety accessories. Duncan Brooks is insured for your protection.



We perform all types of tree removals from hazardous to aesthetic with safety as our top priority. Each job will begin with a risk assessment prior to removal to protect both the property and crew. We offer stump grinding if the client so desires.


Duncan Brooks performs seasonal spraying to address insect problems such as spring-time caterpillars or webworms in the summer. When incorporated with the foliar feeding product, this spraying provides insect control while fertilizing the tree to regenerate damaged. Our company also offers an organic foliar feeding solution to fertilize or incorporate with a sick tree treatment for stressed trees.

Insect Control

In addition to our spraying program for insect control, we also offer systemic microinjections, soil injections, soil drench and other methods to control pests. In many cases, the pest threshold has not reached the treatable level and no treatment is recommended. The appropriate treatments will be determined by the arborist during consultation.

Hazard Tree Evaluation

Our company offers visual inspections of potentially hazardous trees to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure safety. We use a systematic approach prescribed by leading experts in the field to make recommendations accordingly. Should the tree need to be removed or pruned, we can provide an estimate at your request.